Workers in the old citadel of erbilThe main streets in the citadel is used to cross from one part of the town to the otherFrom the Citadel.Old man resting at the main entrance of the Citadel.The citadel of erbil is a mountain or tell or occupied mountain, rising from 25 to 32 meters highDuring the Middle Ages, Erbil became a major trading centre on the route between Baghdad and Mosul,Cafe at the base of the citadel.Leisure area and park with cafes has been built at the base of the citadel. One of the best spots to see the entrance of the ciotadelDahok, 2004.Suleymaniah, 2004.Wedding, 2004.Iranian refugge in koysaniat, Wedding, 2004.Erbil,window.photographer´s studio, 2004University of Suleymaniah, 2004.Veijal waterfalls, 2004Kirkuk, refugee camp, 2004.koysaniat, 2004.Jormal road, 2004Halabja.holocausto museum, 2004Check point in Kirkuk, 2004.Erbil, 2012.Changing of guard in the first kurdish parliament. Erbil, 2004Popster in Erbil, 2012.Iran. Stone carving in Bisotum. Zaratustra and persian King, 2000Iran. Siah Dareh village, 2000Syria, wheat field in Afrin area.2002.Dahok, 2002.