Alfredo Cáliz

Personas, lugares y cosas.

Alfredo began his photographic career when he was 19 and became a freelance photographer shortly afterwards. He has had a number of long term working relationships with Spanish magazines. Since 2003 he is working with El País Semanal for whom he has travelled all over the world. Since then he is a member of the Agency PANOS wich distributes his photos internationally. He has received numerous grants to help him complete his personal projects and awards. including the second prize Luis Valtuena in 2002 for Médicos del Mundo, a UNICEF press award in 2006, first prize in the Notodofotofest in 2007, Grant from La Caixa Fotopress 03 to help develop the book Inshallah (Fundacion Tres Culturas), the culmination of a ten year personal photographic project in Morocco, was published in 2006. La Fabrica produced a Fotobolsillo retrospective of his work that was released in 2010. His work is internationally published and exposed.