Alfredo Cáliz

Alfredo Cáliz

Photographer of people,
places and things


La Fábrica, 2010

A recognition of the professional trajectory after many reports, many portraits and many worn soles. A collection of loose images and a few questions.

Fundación Tres Culturas, 1996

Ten years of comings and goings, of photographs in Morocco in search of recognition in the other. His aim: to be with the people and photograph them, trying to move away from a conventional and stereotyped view.

Mauricio D´Ors 2023

Twenty photographs that want to summarize the six years that I have photographed in Mauritania.

Comunidad de Madrid, 2023

In 2023, the General Subdirectorate of Historical Heritage contacted seventeen photographers to travel through the one hundred and ninety-eight villages of the Community of Madrid and make a photographic cartography of their territory.

Dos Sardinas Ediciones, 2019

Photographs of sixteen summers in a small village in West Cork, Ireland. In the form of an intimate diary, retracing the breeding of my two sons and the usual landscapes. Nothing new, friends and time passing.

Dos Sardinas Ediciones, 2012

A collection of 40 colour portraits of friends and acquaintances, all of them in their 40s, the middle age, the middle of life. Made with a plate camera and as a farewell to my studio in Madrid.

OIT, 2019

A portrait of Mauritania through the people involved in the construction of two workshop schools. A notebook containing photographs of numerous trips from Nouakchott to the south of the country.

OIT, 2020

Mauritania has been a country that has turned its back on the sea. Now, however, a new look reveals it as a source of wealth and work. A portrait of the world of small-scale fishing and the training of new fishermen.

OIT, 2023

In 2012, because of the war, around 60,000 Malians crossed the border to settle near the town of Bassiknou, fleeing the violence. The Mbera refugee camp was set up there. This book describes the activities of the BIT in this camp; the construction of the training centre, the food centre and several schools. Apart from the training courses and other activities, these pages are also a reflection of the daily life in Mbera.

PHREE, 2014

A project by several authors who travel along the six national roads. Starting from Madrid in all directions and asking themselves about Spain.

Dos Sardinas Ediciones, 2012

A book written by Abd el Munim Abu Ali, born in Casablanca in 1965 and a graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Casablanca. For this book, the author worked as a taxi driver in Casablanca to get an insider’s view of the particular world of passenger transport in a big city.

Repsol, 2012

A series of photographs of the recently inaugurated Cartagena refinery. From the historical archive to the author’s commissioned shots. A commissioned book. Industrial photography in its purest form.

Lunwerg, 2005

Photographs by various authors. A book that gives an account of the social transformation that took place in Madrid, already in the years of democracy; the transformation of that provincial city into a cosmopolitan city. In this book you will find photographs of citizens from more than one hundred and fifty countries who live in the Community of Madrid.