Alfredo Cáliz

Alfredo Cáliz

Photographer of people,
places and things


This collection of photographs responds to the desire to put together all the trips I have made to sub-Saharan Africa since 2000. They are photographs taken in different formats, both digital and analogue. I have photographed in Cape Verde, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad, Ethiopia.

It was born in parallel to the commissions I received from the magazine Paisajes desde el tren in which I had to photograph a dozen cities in Spain. At the same time that I was taking more main stream photos, I dedicated myself to shooting this collection of anti-postcards that, with a certain sense of humour, told a B-side of Spain those months.

I photographed the first one in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, in 2013. Since then I have been growing this mosaic of parks with the intention of composing a fictitious park made with pieces of parks from all over the world. Wherever you go, the same things are done in all the parks.