Alfredo Cáliz

Alfredo Cáliz

Photographer of people,
places and things

Black Book

Black Book Proyects This collection of photographs responds to the desire to put together all the trips I have made to sub-Saharan Africa since 2000. They are photographs taken in different formats, both digital and analogue. I have photographed in Cape Verde, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad, … Read more

El parque

El parque Proyects “If we lived in gardens, religion would not have been possible. Its absence has driven us to long for paradise. The space without flowers and trees impels the eyes to look to heaven and reminds mortals that their first ancestor made a brief stop in eternity and rested fleetingly in the shade … Read more

Raw Spain

Raw Spain Proyects It was born in parallel to the commissions I received from the magazine Paisajes desde el tren in which I had to photograph a dozen cities in Spain. At the same time that I was taking more main stream photos, I dedicated myself to shooting this collection of anti-postcards that, with a … Read more